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We aim to produce tofu in the way it was made during Japan's Edo period (1603-1867)

When posed the hypothetical question, At what point and place in the past would you most like to have lived? many historians the world over reply, “In the Edo period in Japan.” This is hardly surprising, since the Edo period was an era of sustained peace, prosperity and great cultural advancement. To this day, Japan is internationally renowned for the refined, artisanal culinary traditions which that culture produced. At Someno's TOFU (which was founded in 1862), we aspire to preserve the spirit of Edo and continue those traditions in a modern age where they are all too often forgotten. That is our honest aim. We are gratified that our loyal, discerning customers have supported us in this aim for the past century and a half.

Although tofu is one of Japan's most important traditional food staples, 90% of the soybeans used in modern Japanese tofu production are imported. At Someno's TOFU, we insist on using only superior domestic soybeans.

Despite costing more than imported beans, we believe that domestic soybeans offer the best flavor and food-safety guarantees that money can buy.

At Someno's TOFU we use a unique blend of domestic soybeans to produce rich, full-bodied and smooth-tasting tofu.


Nigari is desalinated seawater used as a thickening agent in the finest tofu. Although it was an integral ingredient in tofu production prior to World War?, due to a short supply of commodities during the war, Nigari (which contains magnesium ? an important component of manufacturing steel) was restricted to military use. As a result, tofu makers were forced to use inferior coagulants like Glucono Delta-Lactone. Unfortunately, one of the reasons why so much of today's tofu lacks pre-war quality is that it continues to be made using cheap and easy substitutes in place of Nigari.

We don't believe in “cheap and easy,” though. We believe in quality. So Someno's TOFU has a policy of only using natural Nigari to make delicious tofu as it was made in former times. Since we refuse to compromise quality for convenience, in addition to using the highest-quality ingredients, we invest the time, technique and skill in tofu production that mass-market manufacturers often consider too burdensome to bother with.

Natural, fresh water is a vital resource in tofu production.

At Someno's TOFU, we have drawn fresh water from underground river veins since our operations began in 1862.

Our well water (which is certified by a public health center to be free of impurities or unsafe microorganisms) contains an excellent balance of natural minerals. Needless to say, we believe it is an ingredient most precious to our fine products.

As it is our philosophy that cutting corners during production compromises the taste, texture and overall quality of tofu, we are committed to using only the finest materials and techniques at our disposal.

Unlike mass-market bean curd, for example (which has a 95% water content), we use the highest possible bean-to-water ratio, producing the thickest, richest and most delicious tofu available anywhere.

The artisanal traditions of crafting our delicious homemade tofu have been handed down from one generation to the next since 1862.

It is in the spirit of this tradition that we continue to proudly honor quality and craftsmanship
over mass production or quick profits.

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